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Prospective clients are invited to complete the Online Project Request Form. Students who have the appropriate skills will be matched with the project and their contact information will be shared with the client.

Kaua’i CC’s Creative Media Degree Program receives fiscal resources from the University of Hawaii Academy for Creative Media System and offers students the opportunity to articulate seamlessly to a four year degree in Creative Media at UH West Oahu’s ACM program.

“Our goal is for every student to have steady, paid freelance or full-time work in Hawai’i immediately after earning a Degree or Certificate from Kaua’i CC’s Creative Media Degree program.  Stephen Watkins

Consortium Ground Rules

  • The Creative Media Consortium is intended for students at Kaua’i Community College.
  • Consortium members must be currently enrolled at Kaua’i CC, taking at least one, credited (full semester) course in any major or discipline.
  • No Kaua’i CC employee or staff-member on any UH campus will receive any form of monetary compensation or will benefit in any way from referrals and projects received by the Creative Media Consortium.
  • The Creative Media Consortium does not refer prospective clients to freelancers or previous students who have graduated.

Creative Media Edit Suite

This collaborative effort connects Creative Media students who have demonstrated benchmark skills with industry experts in Video Production, Photography, Graphics, Animation, Music Production, Event Technology and Website Technology.


A contract was awarded for a new University of Hawaiʻi Academy for Creative Media building on the UH West Oʻahu campus. The building, which is designed to engage, educate and incubate, will link complementary facilities and programs throughout the UH System and across the state as a catalyst for Hawaiʻi’s intellectual property workforce. For more information please visit website.

Creative Media Copyright Policy:

Projects produced through Kaua’i CC’s Creative Media program and the Creative Media Consortium adhere to copyright laws. Specifically, projects cannot be created and used for public display or commercial purposes using copywritten material including music tracks, photography, video segments and graphics that have been downloaded from the internet or acquired by other means.
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